Thick maize and pumpkin porridge with Parmigiano and fried butter
€ 7.00
Prosciutto crudo PARMA D.O.P. (Azienda Antica Ardenga Soragna Parma) reserve 30 months
€ 15.00
Culatello di Zibello D.O.P. (Azienda Antica Ardenga Soragna Parma) aged for 20 months
€ 18.00
Pike in “Mantovana” sauce (persil, capers, anchovies and extra vergine olive oil) served with thick maize polenta
€ 10.00
Raw chopped Piemontese beef meat, tasty seasoned from the chef
€ 12.00
“Sorbir di Agnoli”, a tipical mantuan starter soup with meat-filled ravioli in chicken’s brot
€ 9.00

Service € 3,00

No flour or ingredients containing gluten were used
Preparation suitable for a vegetarian diet
Slow Food Presidium