Second Courses

Half pork-shin, slowly cooked in hoven with white wine and Rosemary, served with potatoes pureé
€ 12.00
Pike in “Mantovana” sauce (persil, capers, anchovies and extra vergine olive oil) served with maize polenta
€ 14.00
Tepid Guinea Fowl breast, sweet & sour seasoned with raisin, pine-nuts, Marsala and extra vergine olive oil, served on a fresh lettuce bed
€ 14.00
Sous vide stewed Ancient Piedmontese cattle cut beef with mixed salad, rosemary potatoes and light mayonnaise sauce with herbs
€ 16.00
"Manzo all'olio di confine", olive oil beef ( stolen recipe from the Brescia neighbors), beef stew with vegetables cooked with garda olive oil
€ 16.00


Potatoes Pureé; cooked or raw vegetables
€ 4.00
€ 2.00


Service € 3,00

No flour or ingredients containing gluten were used
Preparation suitable for a vegetarian diet
Slow Food Presidium